We are a recycling company specializing in various types of hollow glass and flat glass. We are also a subsidiary of the Reiling Group, one of the most multi-faceted recycling specialists for glass, plastic, paper, wood and substitute fuels in Germany.

Starting as a simple raw materials company in the 50’s, an entire group of recycling companies developed into this present group form. We now have our fourth generation of management, with offices in Germany, Poland, Sweden and Denmark.

We are always looking for new, innovative techniques and developing proprietary know-how for our employees. For this reason, we are continuously developing new options for usage and recycling in order to recycle valuable materials as efficiently as possible and create the most ideal recycling chain possible. We accept responsibility and contribute to maximising the industrial value chain. By doing this, we are protecting the environment and saving energy.

Our company is well integrated, meaning that people can quickly reach our efficient collection and processing locations. Today, Reiling Glasrecycling Denmark ApS has three locations in Denmark, in Vamdrup, Holmegaard and Næstved.



Morrison Glasrecycling Denmark ApS began collecting glass for processing.


Morrison Glasrecycling Denmark ApS sold their shares to the Reiling Group.


The Reiling Group took over all of the shares in Morrison Glasrecycling Denmark ApS - an additional location for recycling glass was created within the corporate group.


A sorting facility for container glass was built by Ardagh Glass Holmegaard, which permitted specific customers’ wishes to be taken into account and product quality to be significantly increased.


Afd. Vamdrup purchased an area of land to secure future business.


Purchase of a drying plant at location Holmegaard.
This ensures improved sorting and higher productivity.


The location Vamdrup became a sorting facility to support Reiling Glas Recycling Holmegaard.


Acquisition of land and facilities in the port of Naestved.


Vamdrup location built new offices.
Naestved location began with the building of a new processing line including the integration of the Holmegaard drying plant.
The demolition work was carried out on the former production area.


Commissioning the first step of the glass recycling plant of Naestved location.


Glass is Completely Recyclable

As an experienced recycling company, we collect and recycle all types of containers and flat glass. We understand our company to be an independent partner of the glass industry.


Generally, we collect all types of glass that are standard on the market and take them for recycling by the glass industry, where they will be processed before being re-used. We collect container glass using bottle banks. We also provide support industrial, commercial, gastronomical and retail sectors in recycling glass and collect the glass using either our own vehicles or those of external transportation companies.


We use the most modern technology and well-developed services to create an ideal recycling chain. Using targeted research efforts and innovations in the development of facilities, we offer long-term, individualised recycling solutions that are future-proof and can respond to customers’ wishes. We guarantee the highest possible level of product quality in this way.

Final Product

As a customer, you can benefit from the ultra-modern technologies that we use. Whether fine-grained materials, colour sorting or chemical consistency, we will respond to your individual needs. Ultimately, we consider the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers to be the most important considerations.

Our Quality Standards:

  • Purity (as free of contaminants like ceramics, stone, porcelain, metals and non-metals and organic materials like plastic and paper as possible)
  • Distribution and ratio of colours, even mixtures of colours can be arranged by customer request
  • Grain size distribution by customer request

The particularly positive advantage of Reiling is the use of x-ray fluorescence analysis, which provides information about the chemical consistency of the initial material as well as of the final product and allows us to determine the colour.


We accept:

  • Container glass: coloured and colourless
  • Flat glass (including tempered): coloured and colourless
  • Double-glazing of all types
  • Automobile glass: windshields
  • Laminated glass of all types
  • Mirrors of all types
  • Wire-reinforced glass of all types
  • Greenhouse glass of all types, including kits
  • Solar panels, roughly 75% are suitable for recycling


We will provide you with a comprehensive spectrum of services. They extend from detailed consultation to the provision and rental of glass bins and skips in various sizes, to the development and coordination of individual recycling solutions. Do you have any questions? Just call us.

Our services for collectors include:

  • Container setup (10-15m³ skips without lids, as well as 15-40m³ roll on roll off containers)
  • Periodic collection
  • Just-in-time retrieval
  • On-site consultation about individualised options
  • Seamless documentation of the quantity of glass recycled
  • Favourable terms and conditions
We will be happy to advise you


Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS
Plant Vamdrup
Krumtappen 11 | DK – 6580 Vamdrup
Tlf. +45 75583850
E-mail  info@reiling.dk
Dept. Manager: Kim Lykke, +45 75583857, kim@reiling.dk
Production Manager: Renè Lindmann, +45 23209025, rene@reiling.dk
Accountant: Lise Henriksen, +45 75583851, lise@reiling.dk
Accountant: Erna Grønlund +45 75583852, erna@reiling.dk

Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS
Plant Næstved
Maglemølle 60 | DK – 4700 Næstved
Tlf. +45 55565722
E-mail info@reiling.dk
Dept. Manager: Steven Batke, +45 55565722, steven@reiling.dk
Administration and Disposition: Chris Bagger, +45 40231923, chris@reiling.dk


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Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS
Krumtappen 11 | DK – 6580 Vamdrup
Tlf. +45 75583850
E-mail info@reiling.dk
Cvr. nr. 21078336
P-Nr.  1004786394

Reiling Glasrecycling Danmark ApS
Maglemølle 60 | DK – 4700 Næstved
Tlf. +45 55565722
E-mail info@reiling.dk
Cvr. nr. 21078336
P-Nr.  1019087820